How to apply

If you are interested in applying for an Accelerator  please follow the instructions below.

To learn about the Forge Platform – the new name for the Autodesk Web Services family click here.

The terms of this program are subject to a participation agreement between Autodesk and the participants.

Instructions for your proposal

Click the link on your chosen location below to apply.

To get a position in the Accelerator make sure you submit a detailed proposal – you can write up to 2,000 words.  Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the event. Any applications submitted after that will not be considered. When choosing who participates in the the Cloud Accelerator class Autodesk will be looking for the following elements in your proposal:

  • Use of an Autodesk Forge API or the Fusion 360™ client API to fill a compelling customer need. (Data Management API, Model Derivative API, Viewer, Design Automation API,  BIM 360 API, Reality Capture API, Fusion 360 Client API).
  • Likelihood of having a demonstrable prototype by the end of the Accelerator.
  • Strong development skills.
  • High motivation.

Special note:  We encourage you to include any images or documents  as part of your proposal in addition to the information listed below.

All the following information is required:

1.  Company Name

2.  Company Address

3.  Proposer:

Name of the person to contact about the proposal

Phone Number

Email address

4.  Attendees – the names and email addresses of the one or two people who will attend the accelerator

Attendee 1 name

Atttendee 1 email

Attendee 2 name

Attendee 2 email

5.  Autodesk APIs to be used – indicate all applicable

Data Management

Model Derivative API

Design Automation API



Reality Capture API (beta)

Fusion 360 API

6.  Your proposal – explain in not more than 2000 words why you should be a participant.

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