How to apply

If you are interested in applying for an Accelerator  please follow the instructions below.

To learn about the Forge Platform – the new name for the Autodesk Web Services family click here.

The terms of this program are subject to a participation agreement between Autodesk and the participants.

Instructions for your proposal

Click the link on your chosen location below to apply.

To get a position in the Accelerator make sure you submit a detailed proposal – you can write up to 2,000 words. When choosing who participates in the the Cloud Accelerator class Autodesk will be looking for the following elements in your proposal:

  • Use of an Autodesk Forge API or the Fusion 360™ client API to fill a compelling customer need. (Data Management API, Model Derivative API, Viewer, Design Automation API,  BIM 360 API, Reality Capture API, Fusion 360 Client API).
  • Likelihood of having a demonstrable prototype by the end of the Accelerator.
  • Strong development skills.
  • High motivation.

Special note:  We encourage you to include any images or documents  as part of your proposal in addition to the information listed below.

All the following information is required:

1.  Company Name

2.  Company Address

3.  Proposer:

Name of the person to contact about the proposal

Phone Number

Email address

4.  Attendees – the names and email addresses of the one or two people who will attend the accelerator

Attendee 1 name

Atttendee 1 email

Attendee 2 name

Attendee 2 email

5.  Autodesk APIs to be used – indicate all applicable

Data Management

Model Derivative API

Design Automation API



Reality Capture API (beta)

Fusion 360 API

6.  Your proposal – explain in not more than 2000 words why you should be a participant.

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