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Autodesk Cloud Services

Participants use an Autodesk cloud service upon which to build their project.

Products must leverage an Autodesk Forge API or the Fusion 360™ client API.

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Accelerator participants must use one or more of the Autodesk Forge APIs and/or the Fusion 360 client API.

  Data Management API 

Manage your data across A360, Fusion 360, and our native Object Storage Service.  Learn more.

  Model Derivative API 

Translate your design files from one format to another, prepare them for online viewing, and extract geometry data. Learn more.


Show off your design files in a web-based viewer.  Learn more.

   Design Automation API 

Run scripts on your design files at cloud scale.  Learn more.

  3D Print API (BETA)

Prepare design files for 3D printing, manage printers, and more. Learn more


Automate and integrate with the Autodesk BIM 360 products.  Learn more.

Reality Capture API (BETA)

Generate 3D textured meshes from photographs.  Learn more.

Fusion 360 Client API

Automate design tasks in Fusion 360 and connect Fusion 360 to other services Learn more