September 2015

Accelerator Participants September 2015 in Prague

The companies listed on this page attended the first Autodesk Cloud Accelerator Extension held in Prague, Czech Republic in September, 2015.

Peter Schlipf, Cyrille Fauvel (both from the Autodesk Developer Network) and Krithika Prabhu (Product Manager, AutoCAD) interview a few participants.



Entire Flow

CAD Studio

IMOS AG (in German)



originally founded in 1991, is an Autodesk Platinum Partner (MFG+AEC+M&E), Autodesk Training Center, Autodesk Developer Network member, Autodesk Consulting Services partner and the leading CAD and GIS supplier in the Czech and Slovak. CAD Studio sells complete solutions for CAD, GIS/geospatial, multimedia and document management (PLM/PDM). As an Autodesk Registered Developer and ADN member, CAD Studio has developed many CAD applications and utilities for Autodesk products, for example AutoCAD, Revit Civil 3D, PLANT 3D, Inventor, VAULT and the other custom applications for our customers.

Cloud Invent

Cloud Invent is a small Israel startup incorporated in January 2014. We developed a novel approach for resolving complicated constrained geometric models in computer-aided design (CAD) software. This technology will enable designers and engineers to easily create much more complicated models, which are unresolvable by the currently available CAD software.

Cloud Invent goes to the market with its innovative Cheetah Solver that will allow working with constrained geometric models of practically unlimited complexity.

Cheetah Solver plugin for AutoCAD is already available from the Autodesk App Store. Release 1.0 is free.


dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool. dRofus provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle.

Plan, manage and maintain data for departments, rooms, room templates, finishes, items, systems and components – all in a single cloud based platform.


Easy, efficient, innovative

imos simplifies the processes in the planning and the production of furniture and interior design. imos software applications convince with regard to simplicity, efficiency and innovation with a high quality standard “Made-in-Germany”. imos solutions are based on an innovative technological approach allowing all possibilities for designing furniture and modifications in every step of the process, but ensures an internal manufacturing standard. Together with customers, leading manufacturers of fittings and woodworking machines, imos constantly verifies the requirements of the industry and accordingly adjusts the software solutions. Consequently, imos has become one of the leading providers of the furniture sector and the software to a market oriented product with worldwide acceptance.


neanex is a consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing dedicated solutions to facilitate an integrated approach to realize construction projects – starting from project conception through to the operation of a project and even decommissioning.

Since 2008 the neanex team has adopted a systems approach as an essential instrument to realize an Integrated Project approach. Complex, multi-disciplinary construction projects have a natural need for this systematic approach where all boundaries, pre-conditions and requirements are explicitly registered is a smart database solution and integrated in a specification and verification process. The management of all this project information is essential to keep your projects well in hand.

neanex has deep expertise in implementing information management solutions combined with a unique approach, the iBIM Concept, to improve construction processes linking a semantic database to the 3D model.


Plexscape is an Autodesk Developer Network member and is here to bridge the gap between CAD projects and real-world data with Plex.Earth, one of the most popular AutoCAD add-ons of the Autodesk Exchange Apps store.

The heart of our system is a sophisticated cloud-based platform, already in use by third software companies, which fully automates app licensing, enables real-time interoperability between desktop and/or mobile apps, and ensures that geolocated data are reliably translated into any map projection used in projects worldwide.

During Cloud Accelerator, we have had the chance to achieve a higher degree of integration with the new Autodesk APIs and to develop a fully functional prototype of Plex.Earth Instant, the upcoming real-time collaboration extension of our suite.

SCT Informatica

SCT Informatica is a software company, leading supplier of CAD/CAM technologies for over 20 years. We develop application in Autocad, Autocad OEM and Inventor, aiming to find always the best solution for our customers. We work in several areas, such as carpentry, rail sector, paper industry, footwear and leather goods and industrial packaging. Our purpose is to assist our clients and satisfy their needs, developing also new application suitable for them, as we are always open to new challenges. Our staff is composed by professionals in computer services, offering a high level of expertise and consulting services, both in the management and technical areas.


Spine should be regarded as a complete business platform and an IT infrastructure that combines software, standards and agreements with specific building component data that makes it far easier for project participants to communicate and work efficiently with standards.

The aim of Spine is to enable architects, engineers, contractors and developers etc. to use classifications, characteristics, codes and other building component data uniformly and consistently across a project.

Spine stands for: Standard Project Information Network Exchange.


Stabiplan helps its clients to develop better technical building installations with the product Stabicad: innovative design software for the installation industry and technical housing management. With Stabicad the engineer is able to designvisualize,control and optimize technical installations. The Stabicad engineer contributes to the effective development and management of the installation with a sophisticated and verified design and the correct drawing details. This results in cost savings, quality and innovation.

During the Autodesk Cloud Accelarator program Stabiplan develops an integrated solution of the A360 viewer within StabiBASE Cloud to serve the market with powerfull 3D view capabilities in the browser and tablet.